The purpose of the legendary brand Riga Black Balsam is to create a permanent, educational and city-friendly object that informs the city inhabitants and its guests about the history of Latvia. Ten dendrological rarity trees that mark each decade from the restoration of independence of Latvia in 1918 till the present, are planted along the Riga city canal from Barona Street to the Freeport of Riga in honor of Latvia's centenary.

The legendary beverage created in distant year 1752 has experienced the fall of empires and the birth of new states, generation changes and the creation of new traditions. During this time, Latvia has become an independent and beloved country whose name is heard around the world ever more often. Riga Black Balsam proudly carries the name of Latvia in the world by representing it with authentic and high-quality products in more than 30 export markets. This legendary brand will definitely participate in Latvia's growth and traditions also in the next 100 years!

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